About Us Page

About Us Page

Soul-Trek started out as an abstract idea of my sister (Tanya) and me (Renee) to share some of the ideas and experiences that we’ve had on our Souls’ Trek through this life.  To be frank  we’ve kinda sat around not really doing anything with it for a really long time. Weren’t  sure where to start, just knowing that we had something to share. During this time some ideas have started to culminate, as the journey is different for every human being so it is different for both my sister and I. Circumstances change and we have both continued on our journey though we are no longer trying to do this site together, we’re still on the journey together. I  hope that you will find some ideas, help, comfort, inspiration, ???  for your “Soul-Trek”.

When I was a young child, 6th grade to be exact we had a science project about the ecosystem. I cannot explain to you the light bulb that flashed in my head when I saw this simple drawing about how the ecosystem worked.


What made the connection for me was just that connection. Everything is connected and while this simple drawing only depicts the carbon-oxygen cycle through photosynthesis it was enough to open my mind and heart up to see the the truth of the connections of all life. It set me on a path of a life long fascination with these connections. I have always been fascinated by them and over the years have realized just how deep those connections go. Right down deep into the soil and the micro organisms who live there, we all need each other, we are all connected. Somehow most of what we consider to be modern humanity has tread down the path of being outside of nature and not part of it, that nature is here to serve us and is something for us to exploit for personal gain and satisfaction.

On my Soul-Trek I have done many things in the pursuit of making a living. In that pursuit I have worked for companies that exploit nature for the luxuries of modern society. From paper mills to the energy industry to manufacturers of string and a few other things along the way. Some of them provided a very comfortable living by modern standards, but in all honesty none of them provided what I think every soul is really looking for, connection, connection to the Earth who really is the mother of all, she is the great provider.